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The ladies of the Aspen Thrift Shop champion local philanthropy

December 6th 2017 by Claire Woodcock

For many years, the Aspen Thrift Shop has sold donated goods at affordable prices, distributing grants to other nonprofits in the valley. The women who run the organization demonstrate commitment to local philanthropy and towards each other. Click here to listen to the entire story

Aspen Thrift Shop no longer 
accepting after-hours donation

November 16th 2017 by Curtis Wackerle

The Aspen Thrift Shop recently implemented a policy requiring that all donations be dropped off during business hours, after long deliberations about how to tame what had come to resemble a free-for-all intake protocol in the alley behind its building. Click here to read the full article

Giving back by giving time at the Aspen Thrift Shop |

October 15th 2017 by Jeanne McGovern

There are few Aspen businesses that have truly stood the test of time. The Aspen Thrift Shop, founded in 1949, is one of them. Click here to read the full article

Thrift Shop Until You Drop
The Aspen Times

Saturday’s Aspen Thrift Shop art sale offers up astounding donations -July 2017
by Chad Abraham of the Aspen Daily News

Treasure hunters, you are on alert: The fourth annual art sale by the Aspen Thrift Shop is set for Saturday at the Red Brick Center for the arts, with a sneak preview today from 4 to 6 p.m. click here to read the full article

The Thrift Shop: always in style
by Philantopia of The Aspen Times –  June 2013

How often does a handbag help send a young student from Roaring Fork High School to a higher education at the University of Richmond? How often does a one-piece ski suit from the ’80s provide a stage to perform at Aspen Elementary School? How often do yesterday’s fashions make a difference in the lives of individuals and organizations in need? The answer to all three questions: click here to read the full article

Getting thrifty with it
by Carolyn Sackariason of the The Aspen Daily News – December 2013

Hand-me-downs take on a whole new meaning at the Thrift Shop of Aspen, where for more than six decades an army of volunteers known as “the ladies of the thrift shop” have sorted through hundreds of thousands of items donated by locals and second homeowners. Whether it’s clothing, housewares, books, art, toys, lawn furniture — you name it — the thrift shop has it all. click here to read the full article


Preserving Aspen’s unique history
by Chad Abraham – April 2014

A few months ago, when a man stopped by Aspen’s Thrift Shop with items that belonged to his parents, a longtime employee realized that many of the donations should not be sold. click here to read the full article

The Thrift Shop of Aspen on the Jerry Bovino Show

March 2014 on the local community station, Grass Roots.
Featuring Board Members: Diane Wallace, Carolyn Moore and Shereen Sarick.

Listen to The Thrift Shop of Aspen on KNFO

Friday April 2014th with David Bach on Bach Talk
Board Members: Lynda MacCarthy, Patti Stranahan & Ellen Walbert, talk with David Bach about The Thrift Shop of Aspen.  click here to listen to the full article

The Thrift Shop of Aspen has been a local icon since 1949
by Michael McLaughlin of The Aspen Times – June 2014

Nonprofit still going strong as 65th birthday approaches. A man might have started it, but it’s been an army of women volunteers that have made The Thrift Shop of Aspen the local icon it is today. click here to read full article

Aspen Thrift shop: where straw is spun into gold

Rumpelstiltskin has nothing on these ladies.

In our Business Spotlight, KSNO’s Elizabeth Drolet caught up with The Thrift Shop of Aspen Patti Stranahan.

Last year alone, the thrift shop raised over 550 thousand dollars to donate to local organizations, schools, and students. LISTEN NOW.

Aspen is the top Ski Town in Ski Magazine (See thrift shop mentioned!)

If there’s any place that reflects all the strata of the local society, it’s the Thrift Shop of Aspen, a three-story repository of barely  worn designer castoffs and an ungodly amount of other ….. Read Full Article