The Thrift Shop is run by an entire volunteer staff. The commitment is only two days a month for the benefit of the community. Each workday provides adventure, friendships, experiences in problem-solving, and new insights.
Being a Thrift Shop of Aspen Member Means
  • Selling donated goods in order to contribute funds to non-profit organizations
  • Being part of one of the Roaring Fork Valley’s most revered organizations
  • Giving back to the Community
  • Being part of a team and making new friends
  • Saving our landfill through recycling
  • Participating in something greater than ourselves
  • Helping people find great bargains and treasures
  • Committing to being consistent, supportive, kind and trustworthy
  • Experiencing a sense of pride and accomplishment

Every volunteer has a trial period of 6 months or 12 working days.

Download the Volunteer Application:

Word: Volunteer-Application.doc
Student Volunteer Application.doc
This form is set up for you to fill out on the computer if you have access to Word. Word and email are our preferred methods. Please email.

PDF: Volunteer_Application.pdf
Print and fill out by hand.

Please contact Bobbi Carson, the Volunteer Coordinators, for more information.
Cell – (970) 618-7622.



August 2014 Luncheon
August 2014 Luncheon